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2nd August, 2019

End of the Bull Market?

We have been reading and hearing about the end of the bull market. When markets crash, all kind of analysts come out of the woodwork. Prophets of doom are everywhere.

27th July, 2019

Did the FII cause a market decline?

Or, maybe, markets just fell since smart money was selling because they wanted to buy at lower levels. The Narrative Fallacy: search of an explanation for everything The narrative fallacy

25th July, 2019

Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World | Book summary |

What is a stock market trader? I would say she is a generalist. Markets do not offer narrow, repetitive patterns. The trader should focus on learning as much as possible

19th July, 2019

Candlestick Patterns: Hammer

Introduction: This pattern consists of a single candle.  It is considered as a reversal pattern. It occurs at bottom of the down trend (bear). The hammer candle consists of small

18th June, 2019

S2 Superband

What it is? 1.      PURPOSE As the markets are changing so it is wise to use that indicator which adapts quickly the market behaviour as then change. In search of