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3rd July, 2018

Trend Channel

1. PURPOSE Prices moves in a period of Contraction and Expansion. Contraction means trading range. Once a range develops, prices tend to trade inside the boundaries. A move beyond these

14th June, 2018


1. PURPOSE As the markets are changing so it is wise to use that indicator which adapts quickly the market behaviour as they change. In search of this we have

10th April, 2018

Peaks Troughs

1.  PURPOSE This query helps you to identify a potential high and low for a given periods. 2.  INPUTS We have given an option to scan the stocks where a

9th April, 2018

Guppy MMA

1.  PURPOSE This indicator is designed for better understanding of a trend, trend strength and direction. 2.  INPUTS One of the most important things about using an indicator is the