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25th February, 2016

Cramer’s rules for investing

Jim Cramer is one of America's most recognized and respected investment pros and media personalities. Following are some rules which he has given in his blog post for investing. Rule 1: Bulls,

22nd February, 2016

How do you know you have a trading edge?

In my previous post, I briefly explained what a trading edge is. It is a set of trading principles which enable you to keep your profits higher than your losses.

20th February, 2016

What is a trading edge?

A trading edge is defined as a set of conditions which result in a net gain when used over a large number of trades. Let us think of a casino.

30th January, 2016

Does Technical Analysis evolve and improve?

The brief answer is: Yes. The question is: Since technical analysis is based only on price movements, there must be limitations on the knowledge growth possible in TA. After all,

16th January, 2016

Uncertain and Unknown

Barry Ritholtz discusses 'surprises' in a Bloomberg Article. I am giving below my own thoughts, using his article as a basis for my ideas. Markets are uncertain. This means that outcomes

15th January, 2016

Okhla Meeting Directions

30th November, 2015

Vibrant Hyderabad

I had the pleasure of addressing an CNBC-TV18 Investor Camp in Hyderabad on Saturday, Nov 28. The experience was truly exhilarating. I have attended many camps, probably more than 60,

21st October, 2015

Rules from Jesse Livermore

Jesse Livermore is perhaps the most famous stock trader of all-time. Back in the early part of the 20th century, Livermore made and lost millions shorting the market. Following are