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27th August, 2019

Investing must be Innovative and Adaptive

Thanks to technology, the world is changing faster every day than it ever did. I would think that there are more innovations in one month, and then there were in

19th August, 2019

How to think long term?

In the USA, the Democratic Party which is the opposition party to President Trump is in the process of selecting their candidate. At this time there are 10 hopefuls. So

13th August, 2019

The Four Stages of a Market Cycle: Where are we?

Markets do not have a fixed structure. Price movements are fluid, unpredictable at times and well defined at other times. Yet, within this unpredictable framework, there is a structure that

2nd August, 2019

End of the Bull Market?

We have been reading and hearing about the end of the bull market. When markets crash, all kind of analysts come out of the woodwork. Prophets of doom are everywhere.

27th July, 2019

Did the FII cause a market decline?

Or, maybe, markets just fell since smart money was selling because they wanted to buy at lower levels. The Narrative Fallacy: search of an explanation for everything The narrative fallacy