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6th June, 2008

Big Picture Chart Patterns

Does the title read a bit confusing ? I am referring to multi month chart patterns which give pricce targets widely different from current price levels. Are these patterns and

5th June, 2008

Rally in a Bear Market

The Nifty rallied today, to close at 4677, higher by almost a 100 points. But before this rally, in early morning weakness the index had fallen to 4536 almost touching

4th June, 2008

Market Crash: And then there were none

'And Then there were None' - is a fanous detective novel by Agatha Christie published in 1939. It is Christie's best-known novel. It has sold 115 million copies to date,

3rd June, 2008

Destroying the Enemy

"How many enemies - boundless as the sky - might I destroy," wrote the Buddhist poet, Santideva. "Yet when the thought of hatred is abolished, all enemies are destroyed." Dear

2nd June, 2008

Markets will fall in an Intermediate down trend

Much to the surprise of traders, the Nifty continued its decline on Monday, June 2, falling by 125 points. I am surprised because everyone is surprised. Too many surprises! The