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29th May, 2008

Narrow Range Days

Markets go through cycles of expansion and contraction. This concept is applicable to all time frames. An intra day trader will find periods of small movements within a trading day

28th May, 2008

Day Trading Makes Money

There is a popular misconception that day trading does not make money. After all, the day trader starts with many disadvantages. First, she is restricted by time. Second, the trader

27th May, 2008

Catching Falling Knives

Tim Price, in his blog provides wonderful insights into the behavior of Wall Street honchos. Mr Price writes: "One of the innumerable problems with Wall Street and the City is that

30th January, 2008

Before the Open

Thursday's Nifty refused to move above our resistance at 2875. It closed much lower, inside the 2700 - 2875 trading range. For Position Traders: If you are short when the

11th November, 2007

Wishing happy Deepavali & Proseprous New Year

November 9 was Lakshmi Puja for many Indians. I wish all readers a prosperous year ahead. May the Markets forgive our follies and reward our discipline. On Thursday morning, on