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12th June, 2008

Remarkable rally affirms 4400 support in Nifty

A remarkable intra day rally saw the Nifty close higher than yesterday, inspite of opening a 100 points lower. The Nifty closed at 4530.80, up 7.20 points. This is only

11th June, 2008

Choppy Market with bear pressure tells us " The Choppy Market is a stock market condition whereby prices swing up and down considerably but with no resulting overall price movement in either direction. "

10th June, 2008

Bear Market Rally ?

A last hour intra day rally saw the Nifty move up by almost a 100 points from its intra day lows, closing with just minor losses at 4450. Marc Faber

9th June, 2008

Bear Hug

Thanks to a 400 point drop in the Dow on Friday evening, the Nifty was all ready to open sharply lower on Monday morning. This came about with a 100

6th June, 2008

Big Picture Chart Patterns

Does the title read a bit confusing ? I am referring to multi month chart patterns which give pricce targets widely different from current price levels. Are these patterns and