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How to think long term?

In the USA, the Democratic Party which is the opposition party to President Trump is in the process of selecting their candidate. At this time there are 10 hopefuls. So a debate was held between the 10 and broadcast on national TV. Each candidate was given 30 seconds to give their opinion and answers to the questions.

I would think it is very difficult to go long term in just 30 seconds. We often find that business TV anchors ask three or four questions and then expect an answer in 10 seconds or sometimes in 15 seconds. I think you understand that no reasonable answer is likely in a few seconds.

As investors, we strongly suggest that you ignore the hour to hour, minute to minute movements of the stock market, and focus on the really long term. In the long term, we must be optimists. In our own life time we have seen the world change dramatically for the better. Technology and human behavior will keep on improving our lives.

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