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Billionare Ken Fisher is buying, but his track record?

From: Mish’s global economic analysis:
Ken Fisher says high levels of pessimism are a reason to buy stocks. Fisher, who oversees $35 billion from Woodside, California, said in an interview on “Bloomberg Surveillance” with Tom Keene. “My bias when pessimism is high is to own equities.”

In 2007, Mr Fisher said:
This is a time to own stocks. Here are some companies that will participate in the prosperous economy of 2007:

Home builder Pulte Homes – PHM
Toll Brothers – TOL
Beazer Homes – BZH

Look – Anyone can be wrong, but quite frankly that is absurdly wrong.
Pulte Homes was $34 then. It is $8 now.
Toll Brothers was $34 then. It is $16 now.
Beazer Homes was $44 then. It is $3.75 now.

Someone let me know if he ever issued a sell signal on those.

Regardless, Ken Fisher is consistently bullish. In fact he HAS to be bullish because you cannot manage $35 billion without being bullish. Ken Fisher’s advice is designed to do one thing – make money for Ken Fisher.


My Notes: Readers know that I do not have a high opinion of investment bankers and super rich financial wizards. So, I am not surprised that Mr Fisher seems to make money only for himself.
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This post comes from men’s comments:
Is cnbc the leader? may be on the TRP, but not otherwise. For Ta NDTV is far ahead and also Ashudutt of ETNOW is also doing a good job in educating the investors. Yes Cnbc has marketed their channel well but it is far from reliable.

CNBC= Cannot Be Correct, sorry if I have had a different view

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