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19th February, 2018

Systematic failures create pessimism

Failure of internal control systems in Punjab National Bank (PNB) has resulted in a major banking crisis. The crisis is not just focused on a single bank - PNB. It

16th February, 2018

Disaster stories gets TRP: Optimism gets the Money

If you want everyone around you to be attracted to your actions, become a Disaster expert. I sometimes watch Hindi news TV channels. These channels have a show that gives 200 (as

15th February, 2018

Survivorship Bias

Inspired by a similar post in --  Source: XKCD Survivorship bias — a form of selection bias focusing on what has survived to the present and ignoring what must have

14th February, 2018

A General & The Master: A Zen Story

During the civil war in Korea, a certain general and his troops were advancing implacably, taking province after province, destroying everything in their path. The people in one city, hearing

12th February, 2018

Sometimes volatile markets can suggest exhaustion of selling

Volatile markets denote uncertainty. Since bull markets live on comfort and knowledge of higher prices, any kind of uncertainty hurts such bulls. When markets begin to move randomly, up and

7th February, 2018

American Market on Tuesday was like a Hindi Masala film – full of drama

Lot of Drama, tension, joy, sorrow - you name it and yesterday the wide swings in the U.S. market offered some emotion to anyone watching. Within the trading day, the

6th February, 2018

Market Crash – This too shall Pass!

While the world may appear to be crashing down, for stock market traders, the reality is quite different. The Indian Market, if the Nifty opens at 10300, will be down

2nd February, 2018

Enter the Capital Gains Tax

A 10% tax on long term capital gains has been proposed by the budget. This tax is an attempt to create a level playing field. Professionals, salary earners and Business

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