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Seminar on Advanced Skills for Short Term Trading ... Know More
10th April, 2018

Peaks Troughs

1.  PURPOSE This query helps you to identify a potential high and low for a given periods. 2.  INPUTS We have given an option to scan the stocks where a

9th April, 2018

Guppy MMA

1.  PURPOSE This indicator is designed for better understanding of a trend, trend strength and direction. 2.  INPUTS One of the most important things about using an indicator is the

6th April, 2018

Breakout Breakdown

1.  PURPOSE This query helps you to identify those stocks which are trading higher or lower to their past price for a set number of periods. 2.  INPUTS We have

5th April, 2018

BB and NR7

1.  PURPOSE Prices moves in a trend weather it’s up or down or sideways. This query helps you to identify the underlying trend in a stock. 2.  INPUTS First you

4th April, 2018

Accumulation Distribution Indicator

1. PURPOSE The Accumulation Distribution Line can be used to gauge the general flow of volume, affirm a security's underlying trend or anticipate reversals when the indicator diverges from the

15th March, 2018

Investors should focus on the Primary Trend

As the market goes through a correction, Investors have reasons to feel concerned or even panic. They watch the value of their investments come down, wondering if they should sell

24th February, 2018

Trading, Intuition and Checklists

Daniel Kahneman is my favorite finance professor. He is also a noble prize winner for his work in behavioral finance. In an interview, Mr Kahneman talks about intuition and checklists.

21st February, 2018

Bottom up or Top Down: Best way to do a market analysis

For Investors and Position Traders, which is better: bottom up or top down analysis? Bottom up and Top down are two basic ways to analyze the market. In Top down

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