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Day PRO generates intraday buy/sell signals for stock futures, indices (Nifty and Bank Nifty) and equities.
Available on multiple platforms this is a good product for intraday trading.

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Get Intraday Signals

Get intraday signals for stock futures, indices and equities. We admit making money through day trading is not easy hence we have put all our expertise in Day PRO. We work hard to improve the product on regular basis.


Buckets is another name for group of stocks. In this product we have carefully selected stocks that make money consistently and have created buckets. You can trade those buckets thus freeing you from choosing specific stocks.


The alerts system gives you a popup or notification if a particular trade has changed or triggered. This ensures you get an updated status of your trades so you need not monitor them continuously.

Easy to use

The interface of Day PRO is very lucid. Not only it is easy to use but it also has technical support capabilities built in. If you ever face any problem, we can connect to your device through remote support and help you.

Message Center

Get market outlook, offers, announcements and more through message center. It is an inbuilt feature of our products.


Day PRO delivers very good performance. To get more details please click here.

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