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Investors should focus on the Primary Trend

As the market goes through a correction, Investors have reasons to feel concerned or even panic. They watch the value of their investments come down, wondering if they should sell out and buy later when the correction is done with.

The best suggestion to investors is to do nothing, stay invested. Selling now and buying when the correction is over assumes that the investors has knowledge of the time when the correction will end. No one can do such market timing, leave alone retail investors.

I am giving below an excerpt from a blog post, available here:


The primary causes of most financial market missteps tend to be related to the following:

Trying to avoid volatility
Failing to understand what normal volatility looks like
Making short-term decisions based on fear and emotions
Failing to clearly define our objectives
Failing to develop specific strategies and tactics
Narrow framing
Underestimating the psychological aspects of successful investing
Ignoring/fighting the primary trend
Making things overly complex


Investors should trust this bull market, stay invested.

2 thoughts on “Investors should focus on the Primary Trend”

  1. Dear Sir,
    It’s a great feeling as I am again associated with you as I have learned a lot as a student/employee of S2 analytics. I just wanted to confirm or request you that please see Nifty weekly chart, is it forming a bearish H&S pattern with a neck line at 20 SMA I.e.10480-10485.
    Thanking you,
    Rishin Pant

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